📱 mati

Mati is an app available in Android and iOS. It allows you to create challenges with friends and upload either a picture or a short video as proof of completion. I'm constantly working to bring more people into Mati. Try it here and let me know what you think.

🎨 creating content

I want to share more of my thoughts to the outside world. This website is a first version of it as I added a blog page. I'm considering other forms of content like video or audio.

🎵 music

I've been trying to get into music. After watching Jaime Altozano YouTube channel, I decided to give it a try. I've bought couple of instruments including two basses, a piano, a groovebox, and an ukulele. I'm currently focused on the bass as its my favorite. Also, I want to focus on only one so I can see results. I post my progress on Mati.

💪 health

I decided to get into the gym and go to a nutritionist. I was pretty consistent. At my peak, I was able to run 10KM in one hour which I previously thought impossible. However, I've been traveling for the last two months. So now I need to build the habit from scratch. Maybe one day I'll become an Absolute Unit (just kidding). I post my progress on Mati.

🤓 learning

I'm a big fan of Mike Boyd YouTube channel. He learns new skills and document the number of hours it took him. I got inspired since then to learn new random skills. Currently I'm practicing chess as I just finished The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. Also, I've been trying some Mario Kaizo levels after watching Jaiden Animations' video. I post my progress on Mati.