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I’ve been a Software Engineer at companies like Stripe, Microsoft, and Twitter. 💻
Now I’m working full-time on bootstrapping new things. 📈
I’m that kind of person that overuses emojis. 😬
I live in Bogotá, Colombia. 🇨🇴

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My main focus right now is building and growing Mati
Mati is an app where friends help you complete challenges. 💃
Fun fact, Mati is also a dinosaur-shaped-pot for a succulent next to my desk. 🦕🪴

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2017/02/16 — Hello, Gradient Descent

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💪 An app for completing challenges with friends that requires you to upload pictures or video as proof.
Dec 2022


📝 A Chrome extension for directly editing and creating variations of your website.
Aug 2021; Co-Founded with Laura Martínez


📊 A Google Sheets Add-On to generate financial reports combining data from bank accounts.
Apr 2021; Co-Founded with Laura Martínez


🏠 A platorm for finding apartments to rent in Bogotá, Colombia.
Dec 2020; Co-Founded with Laura Martínez


🥡 A SQLite-as-a-Service platform for bootstrapping new projects on top of SQLite.
Aug 2020

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